"CanIt is was the kind of tool I wanted to write but would never have found the time to do. It is open, reliable, and has saved me hours every week in spam management. "

Alan Kelm, Web Services Manager, Canadian Mathematical Society

CanIt-Domain-PRO Anti Spam Filtering Software for MSPs, ISPs, Web Hosts, and Universities

E-mail spam filtering software for everyone who manages e-mail for multiple domains.

CanIt-Domain-PRO is anti spam software designed for managed service
providers, web hosts, ISPs, universities and anyone who has to provide
e-mail spam protection for multiple domains. CanIt-Domain-PRO enables
a super system administrator to delegate system administration rights
which in turn allows the designated system administrator to offer
per-user or per-group anti spam filtering.

CanIt-Domain-PRO Features:

  • Customizable and scalable spam and virus protection
  • Automatic updates in spam protection software
  • Inbound and outbound mail spam scanning
  • Per user Bayesian analysis including access to RPTN
  • Available as software or as an appliance

Built on top of CanIt-PRO, CanIt-Domain-PRO is designed for complex
environments where global spam protection policies must be balanced
with an individual's ability to have the final decision over what is
and is not spam. CanIt™ products offer the industry's most
complete and flexible spam filters. They can be deployed in any
enterprise e-mail environment.


CanIt-Domain-PRO protects users from seeing other users data,
settings and incidents. A regular user will not be able to adjust,
manage or otherwise interact with any settings or information on the
system that does not relate to their account. Administrators of the
system are granted access to manage these settings on the users'

Creation or Deletion of Customers

Only overall site administrators can create the initial domains and
administrative accounts for those domains on the CanIt system. This
provides you the ability to be the single point for customer

A CanIt-Domain-PRO site contains a number of realms, where each
realm corresponds to one administrative entity. Typically each client
will have its own realm. However, it is conceivable that a large
organization might want separate realms for different departments. Or
in the example where you have a reseller partner, each of the
reseller's clients would be set up as a realm.

A person in charge of a realm is called a realm administrator. A
person in charge of the overall CanIt-Domain-PRO installation is
called a site administrator.

Creation or Deletion of Domains

CanIt-Domain-PRO provides the ability for the site administrator to
create new domains. Each domain is attached to a realm. A realm can
have multiple administrator accounts which can be created either by an
existing realm administrator or by the site administrator. CanIt can
be configured so that each domain is has its own realm. This allows a
single domain to have multiple administrators.

Creation or Deletion of Subdomains

Any realm administrator or site administrator can add additional
subdomains to an existing realm. The subdomains can only be created if
there is already a matching parent domain found in the realm being
accessed by the administrator. This allows for the addition of a
domain like xx.yy.zz to a realm that already contains yy.zz, but does
not allow for the addition of a realm yy.xx.zz to this realm.

Creation or Deletion of Users

Any administrator (realm or site) may create user accounts within
the realms that he or she administers. This allows the site
administrator to manage all accounts and users on the system while
still allowing other administrators to manage the users within their
own realms.


CanIt-Domain-PRO provides the ability for end users to manage their
own settings and options. They can manage how mail is detected as
spam, if it is to be automatically rejected (discarded), held in a
trap or tagged and passed through. Users also can manage their own
rules for whitelisting, blacklisting, content filtering, DNSBLs,
Bayesian settings and so on. Administrators can set permissions to
restrict the settings users have access to.

In specific cases, other users can be granted access to manage
another user's settings. This is done by explicitly indicating which
accounts a user has access to manage. This is done by the
administrator of the system.

Email Aliases

CanIt-Domain-PRO divides incoming email messages into streams.
Multiple email addresses can be mapped to a single stream, which is
administered by one user.

The mapping of email addresses into streams can be done in a
variety of ways, including via LDAP lookups, server-side scripts, or
manual entries. If a user's email aliases are stored in LDAP, then
CanIt will automatically map mail for any of those aliases into the
user's stream.

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