Privacy Policy

Our Pledge to You

We strongly respect your privacy. With that in mind, here is our privacy policy:

  • Some pages on this Web site may request personal information such as your name, business telephone number, and e-mail address. We use this information only to contact you and provide you with information about our products. We do not sell or give away any personal information.
  • This site uses cookies as follows:
    1. We issue a cookie to track a user's progress through our web site. This allows us to measure the effectiveness of our web pages and see where people generally enter and exit our site.
    2. Our CanIt Live Test Drive site uses cookies to enable CanIt sessions.
    3. We use cookies to track web site visitors from Google AdWords.
    4. We make use of Google Analytics, which sets several cookies.
  • We use our web server logs for internal analysis. We do not show or sell them to anyone else.
  • We do not place banner ads on our web site.
  • If you send us e-mail which is not unsolicited commercial e-mail, we will not divulge your e-mail address or the contents of your e-mail to anyone for any reason without your prior consent or unless ordered to by a court.
  • To ensure the privacy of the e-mail you send, we strongly encourage you to encrypt it using GNU Privacy Guard or Pretty Good Privacy. You can search for Dianne Skoll's public key on or get it from this Web site. The key fingerprint is:
    FC2E 9B64 5468 698F D7B2 1655 C184 2E2A 126F 42E0
    and the key ID is:


Your Pledge to Us

Just as Roaring Penguin respects your privacy, we ask you to respect our privacy. In particular:

  • You may not use this web site to harvest e-mail addresses for the purpose of sending unsolicited commercial e-mail. We consider such use of the Web site to be a violation of copyright.
  • If you send unsolicited commercial e-mail to any,,, or address, we reserve the right to do any or all of the following:
    1. Blacklist your e-mail server without prior notification.
    2. Report your e-mail server to real-time anti-spam services.
    3. Report your identity (if we can determine it) to anti- spam services and/or law enforcement officials.
    4. Publish the contents of any e-mail we receive from you, starting from the first unsolicited e-mail and including any subsequent e-mail messages.
    5. Add your e-mail to our CanIt Spam Trap (login demo, password demo) for the amusement of others, who may decide to use the information there to block e-mail from you.
  • We do not accept e-mail attachments which are Microsoft Office documents, WordPerfect documents or StarOffice documents. All of these document types can be misused to invade privacy.
  • We may reject HTML e-mail if we determine that it contains JavaScript, Java or web bug technology.

We will respect your privacy; we ask that you respect our e-mail policies.


Junk E-Mail and Other Unwanted Communications

If you are an e-mail-address harvesting spam-bot rather than a real human being, here are some e-mail addresses for you. Without further ado, please do not use:,,,,, or

WARNING: We're not joking. Don't send any mail to any of the above addresses, and don't blame us for what goes wrong if you try.