Premium Support

24x7 e-mail and pager support

If you have purchased Premium Support, you have access to 24x7 e-mail and pager support. To access Premium Support, please follow these instructions:

On the Web

You can file a premium support ticket with our online ticket request form.

By Telephone

  • Call: +1 613 231-6599.
  • Press: 3 for technical support.
  • Press: 1 to send a page.
  • Dial: Your customer number and then #.
  • Dial: Your PIN and then #.
  • Dial: Your page message and then #.

By E-Mail

  • Send e-mail to
  • In the first line of the e-mail body, include the following line:
    ID: your_customer_number PIN: your_pin
    For example:
    ID: 12345 PIN: 67890

Printable Instructions

Download a printable PDF version of these instructions you can post somewhere in your data center.