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Your e-mail service provider is using a member of our CanIt family of products to filter out spam. For more information about our products, please see our product page.


End Users: If you are an end-user looking for support (for example, you can't remember your CanIt password, or you have a question about how to use the Web interface), please contact your IT support staff or ISP help desk. Please do not ask us for help; we don't control CanIt installations and we won't be able to answer your questions.

The Email Filtering Experts

Roaring Penguin Software was founded in 1999 and has focused on developing anti-spam filtering solutions since 2002. We offer our clients a choice of spam email filtering solutions.

  • If you prefer to outsource your anti-spam filtering, Hosted CanIt automatically protects your mail without any need to install hardware or software.
  • If you wish to provide anti-spam filtering for multiple unrelated domains, CanIt-Domain-PRO allows you to delegate control to an arbitrary level of administration.
  • If you wish to have a simple anti-spam appliance right beside your email server, the CanIt-PRO appliance or software is for you.