New features includes improved Reporting, a new API call to
facilitate single sign-on and additional control for System

Roaring Penguin Software Inc., the email filtering experts, is
pleased to announce the release of CanIt 9.0.14.

Major New Features include:

  • In order to improve the end user experience the Pending
    Notification email can optionally be sorted by score ascending rather
    than date descending.
  • All Periodic Reports produce CSV attachments for each chart as
    well as PDF. This permits the report data to be imported into a
    spreadsheet and manipulated as required. New periodic reports showing
    email address usage have been created.
  • The German language localization was significantly improved.
  • A new "xauth" API call permits you to create single sign-on links
    from within other Web portals.
  • The training link template now lets you add templates for
    whitelisting/blacklisting senders.
  • The site administrator can completely suspend service to a realm.
    This blocks all login attempts and rejects all mail for the
    realm. (Only available in CanIt-Domain-PRO )
  • In addition to per-sender and per-IP rate-limits, you can also
    apply per-domain rate-limits to outbound mail.