New features, improvements to existing features, plus upgrades to perl modules and experimental support for Debian 7 "Wheezy" packages and ISO images.

New Features include:

  • IMAP and POP3 user-lookups can rewrite the login name to a stream using a Rewrite Expression.
  • CanIt stores and displays the "full name" from the From: header in the quarantine display and the archive display (archiver add-on only.)

Many minor improvements were made to existing features including:

  • the log search feature allows you to search by minimum/maximum score, "reason" and "detail" fields.
  • The Web interface can be put into "Maintenance Mode". This prevents users from doing anything and displays a maintenance notice of your choice.
  • More theme elements are customizable.
  • You can choose to place the action buttons on the left or the right in the quarantine display.
  • A "danger" sign warns of hazardous attachments like EXE files to make it clear that a quarantined message might be malware.
  • The replacement sequence "%=X" is replaced with the number of X's equal to the spam score, where X can be any character except "%".

Roaring Penguin Software Inc. announces the release of CanIt 9.0.8.