CanIt 10.1.1 Improves Security by Testing Shortened URLs for known Phishing Sites.

Roaring Penguin Software Inc., announces the release of CanIt 10.1.1. CanIt 10.1.1. improves e-mail security, particularly with improvements to CanIt’s anti-phishing measures.

CanIt 10.1.1 provides the following new features:

  • A new test examines shortened URLs and penalize them if they return a 404 error.
  • Additionally, CanIt now examines shortened URLs and adds them to the Known Phishing URL List if appropriate.
  • White-labeling has been improved; re-branding is now kept active on login pages reached from notifications generated by CanIt. Custom Rules have been enhanced with a "quick rule" option that lets you quickly create simple one-clause Custom Rules.