CanIt 10.1.0 Merges Custom and Compound Rules to improve user experience.

Roaring Penguin Software Inc., announces the release of CanIt 10.1.0. CanIt 10.1.0. improves e-mail security, particularly with improvements to CanIt’s Custom Rules and user interface.

CanIt 10.1.0 provides the following new features:

  • Custom Rules have been improved, allowing more flexibility in controlling your inbox.
  • Compound Rules have been merged into the new Custom Rules, simplifying the user interface and experience.
  • When viewing a message from the quarantine, archive or Secure Messaging interface, you can now download all attachments at once in a ZIP file.
  • CanIt Archiver’s migration tools have been improved; the Archiver now records its progress, in order to simplify resuming an interrupted import.