Hosted CanIt and Office 365

The Advantages of Additional Protection

Office 365—Microsoft's cloud-based productivity solution—is increasingly popular, especially with small businesses. MSPs looking to provide it to their customers should, however, be aware of the shortcomings of Office 365 and of the ways to add value to Office 365, especially with regards to email security.

More Filtering Control

Office 365's anti-spam offering is, of necessity, very general. With their multitude of users come both support and personalization challenges. Adding an additional spam filter in front of Office 365 can reduce the amount of spam getting through to your inbox, wasting valuable time and attention. Roaring Penguin Software offers not only an exceptional, and exceptionally easy way to personalize the anti-spam filter, but also excellent support and flexible reporting and quarantines.

The Office 365 spam-filtering controls are reasonably good, but not as comprehensive or fine-grained as those available in Hosted CanIt.

More Flexible Archiving

Hosted CanIt can add email archiving to Office 365 with flexible retention policies to help you achieve compliance with any regulatory regime at a reasonable cost. While Office 365 also has archiving and encryption, its rules are nowhere near as flexible as those available in Hosted CanIt.

Business Continuity

Hosted CanIt offers an independent web portal for accessing your email. Even if you don't use email archiving Hosted CanIt includes a highly flexible and searchable 30 day email continuity archive. In the event that accessing your Office 365 account is impractical, say Microsoft experiences an outage, you have the built in redundancy to keep your clients up and running.

Superb Technical Support

Our technical support line is staffed by expert support personnel with in-depth knowledge of our products. When you call for help, you'll get help quickly and we'll resolve your problem quickly and efficiently.

Technical Advantages of Hosted CanIt

Office 365 has no equivalent to our Compound Rules, Delivery Policy Rules or Custom Rules. Boolean logic Compound Rules and Archiving Rules allow administrators to take action in complex situations. For instance, administrators can design a rule that prevents archiving of messages that have very little archival value, or that prevents an email from leaving the company if it violates corporate policy.

Microsoft's log-searching is called "message trace" and is not real-time; it can take an unknown amount of time before you get your results. Our log searching is much better and returns results in seconds.

Office 365 has no equivalent to our very fine-grained SPF and DKIM rules. Hosted CanIt uses SRS (Sender Rewriting Scheme), making it feasible to use CanIt in front of a back-end server that performs SPF checks. SRS rewrites the sender envelope to allow Hosted Services to forward email to cloud based services like Microsoft's Office 365 or Google Apps without breaking Sender Policy Framework (SPF).

Roaring Penguin also offers additional features that can be used to enhance your email experience—learn more about our Outbound Filtering and easy-to-use Encryption features.