9.2.10 improved an important new technique to assist in the detection of viruses using macros within Microsoft Office© documents. It also improved log Searching

Major New Features include:

  • CanIt 9.2.9 introduced a new test that detects macros in Microsoft Office© documents that are designed to auto start as soon as the document is opened. Such macros are highly suggestive of the presence of macro viruses. CanIt 9.2.10 improves upon this feature by increasing the granularity available to a system administrator. The test is split into three tests that look for Auto_Open, Document_Open and Workbook_Open Macros in MS office documents. Being able to score the different macros differently allows the system administrator more control in accepting some of the more benign uses of Macros.
  • Improvements to CanIt's compound rule feature includes allowing the creation of powerful "Meta Rules" (A rule can refer back to a list of other rules hit so far.) (Appliance Only)The log lines resulting from a log search can be downloaded as plain text.

9.2.11 improved E-Mail Archiving

Major New Features include:

  • CanIt 9.2.11 improves business continuity by allowing users with the appropriate permissions to compose brand new email messages within the Archiver web interface. This allows a company to keep doing business even if thier back-end mail server is down.

9.3.0 Added support for DMARC protocol and improved e-mail encryption

Major New Features include:

  • CanIt 9.3.0 supports the DMARC protocol. DMARC is a mechanism to help detect spoofed domains; support for DMARC will allow all Roaring Penguin customers to defend themselves against domain spoofing attacks.
  • A DMARC policy allows a domain's owner to indicate that the domain's messages are protected by SPF and/or DKIM, and to tell a receiver what to do if either of those authentication methods fails – such as to quarantine or to reject the message.

CanIt 9.3.0 also improves the Roaring Penguin Secure Messaging System, adding more options for e-mail encryption; as well as a variety of improvements and bug fixes.

9.3.1 Improved support for DMARC protocol and improves Autotask Integration

Major new features include:

  • The introduction of Quarantine Mode for DMARC- this quarantines messages that hit DMARC "reject" or "quarantine", The stricter Enforce Mode, which rejects messages with a DMARC result of "reject" remains available.
  • Improvements to Autotask integration.
  • Improvements to the user interface for both administrators and end users, including: optional new pull-down menus; improvements to the HTML in the web interface; and improved theme customization for the login page.