CanIt-PRO and CanIt-Domain-PRO can be used to filter outbound email. Filtering outgoing email helps an organization to protect the reputation of their domain. In the case of a University or an ISP the spammers use phishing attacks to gain access to a users credentials. At that point they can take over the account and start sending spam through your network.

Large, distributed networks of compromised systems, or zombies, exist (called botnets) and spammers use them to send millions of spam messages a day. Systems on your network can become part of a botnet through viruses, trojan applications and other means. Once these zombies begin sending spam from within an internal network this activity will result in your organizations IP Addresses quickly ending up on real time blacklists. This directly affects the ability of all the other users on the system to get their e-mail through to their intended recipients.

Corporate Policy Control

In addition to the problem of zombie computers on the network most Corporations have policies in place that forbid their employees from spamming. However, it only takes one overly enthusiastic employee or marketing person to result in a company's domain being listed on real time black lists and all of the companies legitimate e-mails being blocked. Without outbound filtering, the first time a System Administrator will hear about the problem is when one of his users comes to ask him why their e-mail is not getting through.

CanIt-PRO and CanIt-Domain-PRO can be used to add boilerplate messages to the footers or headers of a companies e-mail. If corporate policy forbids the sending of certain types of attachments CanIt can scan for them and have them held for approval.

Outbound Rate Limiting

CanIt-PRO and CanIt-Domain-PRO can automatically block senders who send too many messages per hour. This allows system administrators to protect the reputation of their networks from compromised computers spewing spam. When a sender's outbound e-mail volume exceeds the hourly rate limit, the sender is stopped from sending any more e-mail and notifications are automatically sent to the email administrator.

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