What's new at Roaring Penguin

KanREN selects Roaring Penguin Software's CanIt-Domain-PRO Software to Combat Spam

Roaring Penguin Software Inc., announced that KanREN (the Kansas Research and Education Network) has selected CanIt-Domain-PRO to combat spam on its networks. KanREN is a specialized Internet service provider dedicated to supporting the needs of the research and education communities within Kansas. KanREN's mandate has been to bring new ideas and technologies into the education network. For instance, KanREN was an early adopter of IPv6, having been IPv6-ready since February 2004.

Roaring Penguin Software to Participate in MSP Exchange Webinar

Roaring Penguin Software Inc.,will be presenting the CanIt family of email filtering and archiving solutions during an MSP Exchange -sponsored Webinar on Thursday, May 3rd at 1:30 PM EST (10:30 AM PST). The core of the presentation will focus on stopping spam at the gateway prior to its entry into your network. Brief demonstrations of Roaring Penguin's hosted products will be presented.

To sign up, go to MSP Exchange's Webinar Registration page at MSP

CanIt 8.1 released

Roaring Penguin Software Inc., is pleased to announce the release of CanIt 8.1.

This release allows CanIt's Bayesian analyzer to handle any character set. CanIt now converts all messages to UTF-8 and keep Bayes tokens in UTF-8. CanIt can now filter spam in non-Western European character sets much more effectively, accurately detecting spam in non-ASCII alphabets
(Chinese / Japanese / Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Cyrillic, accented Latin letters, etc...)

Roaring Penguin Software to Sponsor MSP Exchange

Roaring Penguin Software Inc. today announced that they will be supporting MSP Exchange. MSP Exchange is a fast growing website focused on the managed service provider (MSP) and IT service provider industry.

Bill White, VP of Sales for Roaring Penguin Software said, “We are pleased to be able to help support the growth of MSP Exchange. We feel that training is key for the MSP industry. We hope that MSP Exchange will facilitate communication and training among MSPs to strengthen the overall industry.”

Roaring Penguin Software to Support Level Platforms Managed Services Education and Collaboration Road Show 2012

Roaring Penguin Software's integration with Managed Workplace featured in four-city UK tour

Roaring Penguin Software announced that they will be supporting the Level Platforms Managed Services Education and Collaboration Road Show 2012. Level Platforms is a global leader in remote monitoring and management solutions for managed service providers (MSPs). The Level Platforms Road Show covers 17 global cities, including 13 cities in the USA and four in the UK and Ireland.

ISWest Rids Mail Servers of Spam, Offers Customers Enhanced E-mail Filtering Options with CanIt-PRO

7 February 2006 – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - ISWest, a California-based broadband internet service provider has revamped its e-mail filtering services by selecting Roaring Penguin Software's CanIt-PRO anti-spam solution. Customers are now able to choose from three levels of anti-spam scanning in order to better customize their individual spam filters.