Why are you spamming me?

Many people see e-mails with the following header:

X-Scanned-By: MIMEDefang x.y
    (www dot roaringpenguin dot com slash mimedefang)

That does not mean that Roaring Penguin Software Inc. is in any way associated with the e-mail. It simply means that your ISP, or the ISP of the sender, is using the MIMEDefang mail scanner to scan for viruses.

Roaring Penguin Software Inc. does not send unsolicited e-mail. In addition, we never send e-mail from "info@roaringpenguin.com", "webmaster@roaringpenguin.com" or "sales@roaringpenguin.com". We always use real names when sending e-mail. If you receive e-mail purporting to come from one of those generic addresses, the sending address is forged.

Who altered my e-mail?

Your system administrator or ISP has installed a scanning program which modified your e-mail.

Roaring Penguin Software Inc. is not responsible for things people do with MIMEDefang; if you do not like the way your mail is processed, please do not complain to us. It will do no good.

Why was the e-mail altered?

Your system administrator or ISP has implemented a policy defining unacceptable e-mail attachments. Each incoming e-mail is scanned for attachments and unacceptable ones may be removed or altered.

If you have concerns about the scanning policy, please talk to your system administrator or ISP support desk.

I didn't send a virus -- why does your software claim I did?

Many viruses forge the sender's address. By default, MIMEDefang does not send notifications to virus senders for this very reason. We strongly recommend to MIMEDefang administrators that they do not change this behaviour.

However, some MIMEDefang administrators insist on sending notifications to the apparent sender of a virus. This is bad behaviour, but we cannot control it. Complain to the ISP in question, or blacklist it until it fixes the configuration.

Who is Roaring Penguin and why are you mucking with my mail?

Roaring Penguin Software Inc. is a software development company. We wrote a popular e-mail scanner called MIMEDefang, which many ISP's use to scan mail. It is that program which sent you to this Web site.

Remember, although we wrote the program, it is your system administrator who chose to use it, and we have no control over the filtering rules set up by the administrator.