MIMEDefang Information for End-Users

What to do if your email says it was scanned by MIMEDefang

Who altered my e-mail?

Your system administrator or ISP has installed a scanning program that modified your e-mail.

Why was the e-mail altered?

Your system administrator or ISP has implemented a policy defining unacceptable e-mail attachments. Each incoming e-mail is scanned for attachments and unacceptable ones may be removed or altered. If you have concerns about the scanning policy, please talk to your system administrator or ISP support desk.

Who is Roaring Penguin and why are you mucking with my mail?

Roaring Penguin Software Inc. is an email security company. We wrote a popular e-mail scanner called MIMEDefang, which many organizations use to scan mail. It is that program which sent you to this Web site.

Remember, although we wrote the program, it is your system administrator who chose to use it, and we have no control over the filtering rules set up by the administrator. Please don't contact us regarding MIMEDefang filtering.