End-of-Life for McAfee Email Protection

Intel has announced that the McAfee suite of email protection products and services are being phased out.

If you are looking for a cost-effective McAfee / MX Logic alternative, Roaring Penguin is offering three months' free service on our Hosted CanIt anti-spam system. You pay for 12 months of service, but get 15 months. (This offer is available only to currently-active McAfee / MX Logic customers.)

Two Reasons to Switch to CanIt
  1. Better service: You can reach live technical support personnel by phone or email. We are big enough to serve your anti-spam needs, but still small enough to treat you as a valued client who deserves to talk to a person. We've specialized in spam filtering for over a decade; it's our core business and not a product that we've acquired and can phase out at will.
  2. Better features. For managed service providers and resellers, these features add a lot of value:
    • Anomaly detection: We help you detect and fix back-end server and network problems.
    • Log indexing and searching: Easily find what happened to an email.
    • Email continuity: 30-day backup of your clients' email (Hosted CanIt only.)
    • Multiple levels of administration to better manage your clients.
    • Rebranding right from within the Web interface.
Join the many former McAfee / MX Logic customers who have chosen Roaring Penguin.

Sign up today for our hosted service or evaluate our on-premises software.