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CanIt™ is stopping spam in a variety of customer settings – including locations filtering 100,000+ messages per day. CanIt solutions filter out all varieties of junk e-mail, fraud and virus attachments, and can be configured to filter internal and outbound mail as well.

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Fluid IT Case Study

Fluid IT

"We are only using a fraction of the functionality that is availalbe in Hosted CanIt. We haven't touched the Autotask integration or needed the N-Able integration. We haven't played with Roaring Penguin's e-mail encryption or email archiving. It is nice to know that Hosted CanIt has features that we can grow into as we need them." -- David Schluter, Managing Director, Fluid IT, Ltd.

University of Western Ontario Logo

University of Western Ontario (50,000 e-mail accounts)

"Before using CanIt-PRO, we were using an open-source filter to block the junk e-mail. Despite a great deal of time and effort, spam was still getting past our filters. We decided that we needed something a little tougher and something that required less daily attention." -- Eric Cartman, Systems Administrator, University of Western Ontario

ISWest Logo

ISWest (15,000 ISP Users)

"With our previous home-grown spam solution, we were trying to paint a Picasso with a paint roller. The solution worked, but it was a one-size-fits-all spam filter...we couldn't make changes without affecting every other customer. That's all changed, though, since installing CanIt-PRO." -- Clayton Weise, Technical Support Manager, ISWest

Mississippi State University Logo

Mississippi State University (20,000 users)

"Over the past two years, we looked at a number of anti-spam solutions, but none allowed our end-users to individually customize filtering policies for their email addresses. Once we saw what CanIt-PRO offered, we knew we'd found the solution we'd been looking for." Tim Griffin, Director of ITS Systems and Networks, Mississippi State University

Scripps Logo

The Scripps Research Institute