Roaring Penguin Software Inc.,is pleased to announce that SWITCH (the National Research and Education Network of Switzerland) has selected CanIt-Domain-PRO to combat spam on its networks. SWITCH plays a key role in Switzerland, both as as a specialized Internet service provider for the Swiss Universities as well as domain name registration authority for “.ch” and “.li”. SWITCH is a recognized world leader in terms of identity management, high-performance networks and network security.

The non-profit foundation "provides innovative, unique internet services for the Swiss universities and internet users”.

“We are pleased to be able to work with Roaring Penguin and to add their CanIt-Domain-PRO anti-spam software to our own security tools in fighting spam for our University clients" – Andres Aeschlimann, Project Manager, SWITCH.

CanIt-Domain-PRO allows a research education network like SWITCH to delegate control of spam filtering to each university that can in turn delegate control of spam filtering across multiple domains (departments) within the university and ultimately to end users.

Founded in 1987, SWITCH is a non-profit organisation, SWITCH guarantees Switzerland's access to the Internet. One hundred employees work day-in day-out on further developing web technologies, facilitating the exchange of knowledge between universities and stepping up the security of the Internet in Switzerland. For the private sector, SWITCH develops custom-tailored security solutions and supports the exchange of information. In November 2012 the Internet service provider with its head office in Zurich is celebrating its 25th anniversary.For more information go to