Introduces support for DKIM-signing outbound mail and improves phishing reporting to RPS reputation system

Roaring Penguin Software Inc., announces the release of CanIt 9.2.4.

CanIt 9.2.4 introduces support for signing outbound mail using DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) to improve deliverability. By making it easy to set up DKIM signing, Roaring Penguin Software brings an enterprise level authentication protocol down to the level of the SMB. For more information on DKIM visit

Major New Features include:

  • CanIt can DKIM-sign outbound mail. DKIM allows outbound mail sent from a domain to be signed using a cryptographic key which proves that that mail has really come from the original domain. DKIM improves the deliverability of a domain's e-mail by letting the recipient's e-mail system check its signature and trust the origin and integrity of its message.
  • Known Malicious URL list: System Administrators can now update the Known Malicious URL list, part of Roaring Penguin's Reputation system, in real time. Users can mark messages as fraudulent and specify which URLs in the message look malicious. Administrators can add those URLs to the Known Malicious URL list; this also reports them back to Roaring Penguin.