Focus on Profitability and Automation of anti-spam management for MSPs

Roaring Penguin Software Inc, makers of the acclaimed CanIt line of anti-spam solutions, today announced that they will participate in an online webinar with Ulistic.

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The webinar will feature Dianne Skoll, President and CTO of Roaring Penguin Software, and Stuart Crawford, President of Ulistic. The webinar will focus on increasing profitability in anti-spam sales and on automating management of anti-spam.

“We are very excited about the integration with Autotask's billing module,” said Dianne Skoll, President & CTO, Roaring Penguin Software. “Our customers using Autotask can now easily set up a link between Autotask and the Hosted CanIt anti-spam service This gives MSPs the ability to automatically bill their clients for anti-spam services from within Autotask.”

“Fighting spam is a key deliverable for every MSP. In spite of this, many MSPs are not making decent margins providing anti spam services” said Dianne Skoll, Roaring Penguin’s President and CTO. “This integration is a key first step in reducing the costs that MSPs face in delivering anti-spam and making it profitable to provide anti spam services to their clients .”

Ulistic and Roaring Penguin Software will be hosting a webinar focused on anti-spam, the Autotask integration and other issues related to email security at 11 AM EST on May 22nd, 2014.

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