Roaring Penguin Software Inc, is pleased to announce that we will participate in an online Webinar with Autotask.
The Webinar will feature David Skoll, President and CTO of Roaring Penguin Software and Len DiConstanzo, VP Business Development of Autotask. The Webinar will focus on increasing profitability in anti-spam sales and on automating the process using the new integration between Hosted CanIt and Autotask.

To Register for the webinar focused on anti-spam, profitability, automation and other issues around spam, and how the integration operates on March 18, 2014. click here.

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“We are very excited about this integration,” said Leonard DiCostanzo, Senior Vice President, Community and Business Development at Autotask. “Our joint customers can now easily set up a link between Autotask and the Hosted CanIt anti-spam service and bill their clients directly from Autotask. This gives MSPs the ability to better respond to and service clients’anti-spam needs across their networks.”

“Fighting Spam is a key deliverable for every MSP. Being able to remotely monitor and manage a client’s email communications infrastructure gives our MSPs and their clients peace of mind, especially when you’re talking about the negative impacts of malicious emails and spam,” said David Skoll, Roaring Penguin’s President and CTO. “This integration is a key first step in reducing the costs that MSPs face in delivering anti-spam.”