Roaring Penguin Software Inc., announced that KanREN (the Kansas Research and Education Network) has selected CanIt-Domain-PRO to combat spam on its networks. KanREN is a specialized Internet service provider dedicated to supporting the needs of the research and education communities within Kansas. KanREN's mandate has been to bring new ideas and technologies into the education network. For instance, KanREN was an early adopter of IPv6, having been IPv6-ready since February 2004.

“We don’t deploy new applications without IPv6 support. CanIt provides a cost effective Anti-Spam solution for our member’s needs including IPv6 support. The Roaring Penguin team has been great to work with.” – Andy Fleming, Senior Systems Administrator, Kansas Research and Education Network

CanIt-Domain-PRO allows a research education network like KanREN to delegate control of spam filtering to each university that can in turn delegate control of spam filtering across multiple domains (departments) within the university and ultimately to end users.

About KanREN
Founded in 1991, KanREN is a consortium of Kansas educational institutions including the Kansas Board of Regents universities, many of the state's community colleges, and several private colleges and universities. KanREN is a self-funded organization with the sole focus of serving its members advanced networking needs.

KanREN is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of representatives from its member institutions. All user communities are represented in the make-up of the Board.For more information go to