Roaring Penguin Software Inc., is pleased to announce the release of CanIt 8.1.

This release allows CanIt's Bayesian analyzer to handle any character set. CanIt now converts all messages to UTF-8 and keep Bayes tokens in UTF-8. CanIt can now filter spam in non-Western European character sets much more effectively, accurately detecting spam in non-ASCII alphabets
(Chinese / Japanese / Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Cyrillic, accented Latin letters, etc...)

Roaring Penguin Software is looking for partners in Asia and anywhere non-Western character sets are used to take advantage of this breakthrough in technology.

Improvements were also made in CanIt's clustering making it easier to add and remove scanner nodes to and from the cluster "on the fly".This allows larger users to scale across multiple servers to meet the ever growing volume of spam and remove servers from the cluster when they are not needed (for instance to save power during quiet periods.)