Roaring Penguin put out of business as spammers switch to legitimate enterprises

As of July 1, 2014, Canadian businesses will be required to obtain either express “opt-in” or implied consent to send emails to potential clients. Pre-toggled or pre-checked in boxes will not be sufficient to deliver consent. In addition, all email will need to clearly and prominently identify the sender, include the sender’s contact information and provide an unsubscribe mechanism, unless fully exempted from the Act.

If you are not a Spammer:

  • Clean up your mailing lists and use a reputable third-party mass-mailing service with proper opt-in management.
  • Start collecting opt-in "express consent" from your existing clients and new prospects.
  • Check out the Fast Facts on the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation at

If you are a Spammer:

  • Keep up the sloppy work. We have mortgages to pay and families to feed.

And if by some chance the spammers ignore the legislation with the potential for penalties of up to $10 million and there is still spam circulating on the internet after July 1st you might want to check out some of Roaring Penguin's anti-spam products.