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Roaring Penguin Software Inc. - The E-Mail Filtering Experts
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Founded in 1999, Roaring Penguin Software Inc. - The E-Mail Filtering Experts specialize in developing anti spam software for e-mail filtering. Since 2000, we have focused on fighting spam at the mail server, with the acclaimed MIMEDefang and CanIt™ product lines.

Today, Roaring Penguin develops, deploys and supports its spam- and virus-fighting software products for customers that include universities, colleges, ISPs, web hosts, government offices and enterprises. CanIt anti spam solutions are used across North America and Europe, filtering mail servers for organizations that range in size from 5 to 100,000+ mailboxes.

Roaring Penguin is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, with customers and partners throughout North America and worldwide.


Roaring Penguin Software is directed by its two key founders, Dianne Skoll and Bill White. Together, they lead a team of development, sales and marketing staff headquartered in Ottawa, Canada.

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Dianne Skoll, President & CEO

As founder and president of Roaring Penguin Software Inc., Dianne Skoll directs the business vision and technological direction of the company. With more than 17 years' experience in technology management, custom software development, network design/security and more, Dianne ensures that Roaring Penguin remains focused on high-quality, high-performing solutions to real enterprise needs.

Prior to founding Roaring Penguin in 1999, Dianne served as R&D Project Leader at Chipworks, Inc., where she led the automation of the process of reverse engineering state-of-the-art integrated circuits. As Product Architect at Cadabra Design Libraries, Dianne implemented most of the company's software tools used to compile and synthesize library cell layouts from netlists.

Dianne is the developer of MIMEDefang, the acclaimed open-source e-mail inspection software, and creator of rp-pppoe, a PPPoE implementation for Linux that is deployed across Linux servers and clients worldwide. Roaring Penguin’s industry leading CanIt® antispam solutions are based on MIMEDefang.

Dianne earned her MEng. in Electronics at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. She has received numerous science and engineering awards, is author of Caldera OpenLinux Unleashed and has published industry papers on leaf cell synthesis, Milters and PPPoE for Linux, as well as penning numerous articles for technology magazines.


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Bill White, VP Marketing & Sales

Bill White is VP Marketing & Sales at Roaring Penguin Software and a key member of the team responsible for setting the strategic direction of the company, its products and markets, as well as for building and leading the Sales and Marketing teams.

Bill has managed sales and marketing activities in the high-technology arena for more than 20 years. Most recently he worked as Business Development Manager at Beyond 20/20, where he led all business development efforts within the Statistical Agencies of the US Federal Government, and prior to that within the market research community. He has also served as VP of Marketing and Sales at Plaintree Systems, Inc. and KOM Inc.

Bill began his technology career a software programmer, moving into sales and quickly taking on more senior sales roles at Interwork Technologies, Gallium Software and ELSID Software Systems LTD.

Bill is a graduate of Carleton University with a B.A. in English Literature.