We're sorry to hear you lost your CanIt password. Please note that although Roaring Penguin makes the CanIt software you are using, we have no control over username and password assignments. Please contact the help desk of your IT department or ISP to recover your password.

The Roaring Penguin Team.

Remember, please don't contact us about your password. We can't help you. We make the software, but your service provider assigns passwords, and we have no way of finding out what those passwords are.

Just Installed our Appliance ISO?

If you have just installed our appliance ISO and are being asked for a password, please insert the appliance CD and view the file 0_readme.htm on the CD. It will point you to the document Installing and Configuring the Appliance CD Image, which lists the default password. Please change the password before connecting your appliance to the Internet.

For CanIt Administrators

If you want to change what the "Lost Password" link points to, please click on Setup · Wizards and walk through the "Basic Setup Wizard."