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Roaring Penguin Software Releases CanIt 10.2.3

26 July 2018.

CanIt 10.2.3 provides the following new features compared to 10.2.1:

  • You can view cached login credentials and delete specific cache entries
  • (Secure Messaging only): In addition to being able to reply to the sender of a secure message, you can also now reply to all.
  • you can obtain the actual message associated with a new API call GET /incident/<INCIDENT_ID>/message

Roaring Penguin Software Releases CanIt 10.2.1

12 April 2018.

CanIt 10.2.1 provides the following new features:

  • Administrators can now choose whether CanIt URL Proxy triggers on all domains or only on newly seen domains.
  • CanIt Archiver can now be instructed to include "deleted" items when importing a PST file.
  • Custom Rules can now usefully contain macros in regular expression match data fields.
  • Roaring Penguin Software Releases CanIt 10.2.0

    CanIt 10.2.0 Integrates with Microsoft Azure.

    14th February 2018

    CanIt 10.2.0 provides the following new features:

  • Users can select their time zone. All dates and times presented in the Web interface will thereafter be in that time zone.
  • CanIt 10.2.0 adds experimental integration with Microsoft's Azure Active Directory, simplifying management of the CanIt license for administrators using Azure, especially those using Microsoft Office 365.
  • Setup of database failover has been simplified and reliability of the feature has been improved.
  • Antivirus protections, including scanning of PDFs and Microsoft Office documents, have been improved.