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Latest News

CanIt 10.0.2 improves Locked Addresses

Roaring Penguin Software Inc. announces the release of CanIt 10.0.2

CanIt 10.0.2 provides the following new features:

  • The Locked Addresses feature has been enhanced with a variation called "Immediate Locked Addresses" that lets you create a locked address without logging into CanIt beforehand.
  • CanIt now includes an SMTP server test feature that allows administrators to run a test against an SMTP server and receive helpful debugging output in natural English.
  • Integrations with ConnectWise® and Autotask® now feature more control of the update time.

First Penguin Brigadier Shatters “the Herring Ceiling”

Roaring Penguin Software would like to congratulate Sir Nils Olaf III on the occasion of his promotion to Brigadier in the Norwegian Army. Sir Olaf, presently resident in Edinburgh, Scotland is a King Penguin. The King Penguin, native to Antarctica, is the second largest species of penguin. Sir Olaf is at present, the most highly ranked penguin known to Roaring Penguin serving in a NATO member’s armed forces.

Roaring Penguin Software releases CanIt 10.0.1

CanIt 10.0.1 Improves Autotask® Integration, Delivery Policy Rules

Roaring Penguin Software Inc., announces the release of CanIt 10.0.1. Recent changes in the antispam marketplace, including Intel/McAfee’s end-of-life of their MX Logic product and eFolder’s end-of-life of their DoubleCheck product have increased the market demand for CanIt antispam improvements.

CanIt 10.0.1 provides the following new features:

  • CanIt integration with the Autotask® PSA platform’s billing module has improved, automatically providing MSPs with nightly-updated mailbox count information for each customer, broken down by CanIt product.